The blockchain is the next unstoppable and world-changing technology which can leverage ideas into global business. The first movers will be the next Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple of the Crypto-Economy that reinvent the way we conduct trade and how we live while benefiting everyone in the decentralized networks.

The Crypto Assets Conference presents a line-up of the next generation of disrupters and thought-leaders and provides answers for the global decision about the most pressing questions:What impact are Crypto-Currencies leaving on international trade?How are innovators adopting Crypto-Commodities when reinventing business models against today’s monopolies?If Crypto-Tokens are boosting crowdfunding and venture capital to never seen before heights – which industry will benefit next?

To discuss the future direction and find answers we are bringing technology experts, thought-leaders, industry innovators, crypto investors and blockchain entrepreneurs together.

let us make an impact on the world!

Charles Liu


World-class blockchain research expert, a researcher at Stanford University System Optimization Center, great industrial revolutionary tutor, and scholar.


We are Based in Los Angeles, the U.S.A, The CryptoAssets Institute is devoted to education, research and ecosystem building involving the tokens/cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, that power blockchain-driven technologies and their decentralized applications.

Our mission is to democratize and evangelize the business of Blockchain, helping organizations understand how they can best contribute to and benefit from the tokenized Economy. This is about ecosystem building. That means we help to lead multi-national corporations and their executives develop a strategic understanding of the disruptive opportunities and risks that the Blockchain could bring to their historical business models. It also means we help best-in-class blockchain startups scale internationally through properly raised ICO/token generation event fundraising and guided corporate business development.


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